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Transportation by rail, by road, multimodal transportation


Transportation with car-carrier wagons


Why to choose us?

Group companies provide the services of international cargo deliveries. Experienced and time-tested employees are working here who take care of a timely and high quality customer service of our clients. We strictly adhere to deadlines of cargo delivery and the quality of execution of transportation services.  Thoroughly selected network of international partners enables us to make sure a constant and uninterrupted provision of services. We can offer various schemes of cargo transportation that are best suited to the needs of a client.

We offer

Various decisions on logistics and expeditions that are best suited to your individual needs. We transport the cargo by a rented car park and auto-transport; we are able to perform modal transportation. We will select your best applicable combined choice of cargo delivery: Auto-transport and railway transport; sea transport and railway transport; air transport and auto-transport and other various ways of cargo delivery. We also offer the optimization of the cargo delivery schemes for oversized loads and selection of ways for dangerous (ADR) cargo transportation.

Geography of services

We transport the cargo towards various directions of the world. We can offer the highest quality and competitive prices for transportation of various types of cargo from Europe to Central Asia, CIS countries and vice versa. We deliver the cargo by auto-transport from the entire Europe to Lithuania, and then we load it to the railway cars and send them to Central Asia, Russia and other CIS countries and vice versa.